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About Sunroom Coffee Shop

Sunroom Coffee is a non-profit cafe located on the ABC Church campus. It exists to bring the community together through quality drinks, local baked goods, and handmade gifts, all in a warm and inviting space. What sets Sunroom apart from other coffee shops is that the Sunroom team is comprised of  a variety of volunteer baristas! These dedicated volunteers include teens gaining work experience, college students earning volunteer hours, parent/child pairs looking for opportunities of connection, and retired empty nesters. Since the majority of the Sunroom Team are donating their time, profits can go back into the community and help further ABC's mission, equipping people to be more like Jesus. So whether it's to grab a coffee with a friend, enjoy a boba while doing homework or meeting a client, gather with a Bible study group, or to try one of our monthly specials, we hope to exceed your expectations with quality food and drinks, a beautiful space, and even better service. We can't wait to meet you! 

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The Sunroom Team


Sunroom's Beginning


Sunroom was founded by Annie Mae McEwen in January 2022. With the help of an amazing team of volunteers, the former youth game room was transformed into the bright and welcoming space it is today. Annie’s passion for coffee, community, and creativity came alive in the form of Sunroom Coffee and everyone who comes through the doors can feel the love and energy she poured into the space. Annie is now a full time PE teacher (lucky teens!), but you can still find her putting those barista skills to work behind the Sunroom counter occasionally!

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