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Meet Annie Mae

“I developed a passion for coffee (no joke) when I was five. My Mama would throw my sister and I these elaborate coffee parties instead of tea parties…don't worry the coffee was decaf, but we felt so mature and classy every time. That being said, it's not only the taste of coffee that I love, but the special moments that are centered around coffee. 


Not long after our coffee parties, my parents created this on a much wider scale when they opened up a coffee shop in Cambria, a cute little carriage on wheels. That is where my passion grew even more and in no time I was checking out all the coffee shops, falling in love with the fun culture that coffee shops bring. 


I want to bring that same fun, warm vibe to Sunroom Coffee where everyone feels welcomed and valued. Come by and say hello soon!”


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About Sunroom Coffee Shop

Sunroom Coffee is a coffee based ministry linked to ABC Church. It exists to bring the community together through quality drinks, an inviting space, groovy tunes, and delicious food. We hire amazing people in all walks of life, from high school and college students to retired empty nesters - we believe diversity brings inclusivity. At Sunroom all are welcome! What makes our “staff” extra special is that they are all trained volunteers, this allows our profits to give back into the space and our community. Be sure to check out Instagram to see the monthly cause we are supporting and "being the light." From the Sunroom team to you, thank you for all your love,  support and caffeine addiction. 

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